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Terms and conditions of rental

With the present agreement, the car rental company called AUTO 365 I.K.E., rents to the undersigned renter, a car which is described in this contract with the following terms and agreements, as well as those listed on the front side, which the lessee declares have knowledge and accept fully and unconditionally.

Delivery and collection

The car is delivered to the lessee in excellent condition and without any defect. Expressly states that the lessee upon delivery of the car relatively invited not delivered any doubt as to the condition of the car. The lessee must return the car and all accompanying documents, tools and accessories in excellent condition same as that received it, at the place and time specified in the contract. Otherwise the tenant must pay to Golden Rent, beyond the normal billing, compensation for any incidental or consequential damage. The Golden Rent reserves the right to regain possession and use of the car at any time without notice, costs and expenses incurred by the lessee, if the car was used or is used in violation of the terms of this agreement or the relevant provisions of the Law and generally in all cases where the use of car by the tenant is contrary to the prevailing good faith and morality.


A) In case of loss or damage to the car and if third persons, including fellow passengers, are bodily harmed, the renter must pay the full amount of compensation and any cost or any other expense will be required AUTO 365 I.K.E. to pay if he (renter) or the authorized driver has violated the terms of this Agreement, considered all as essential, and provisions of law or insurance regulations, intentionally or negligently. Additionally, in this case AUTO 365 I.K.E. shall be entitled to demand from the renter, in addition to the outstanding rent and such sums, costs at least 100 €, following other charges (VAT, insurance, etc.) for each day the damaged car or any other car which will be given as a replacement, delivered it.

B) The renter is responsible for every car damage because of fire or steal if those were caused from intention or carelessness by the renter or by the authorized driver.

C) The renter is not responsible for loss or damage that might happen cause of a crash, if he has kept to all the terms of the present agreement and has accepted to be covered by a further insurance (CDW), by signing at the box labeled ‘’I accept’’ in the first page of the present. If the renter does not accept a further insurance, he is fully responsible against civil or maybe criminal law. Damage or steal of personal belongings is not covered by the insurance and in any case AUTO 365 I.K.E. is not responsible. Tire, windscreen, windows damages, or below parts of the car (carter, gearbox, differential gear, etc.) caused because of careless or bad driving are not covered by the insurance. In a case of damage and if the renter is covered by an additional insurance (CDW) there is a deductible amount that is referred at the front page.

D) Similarly the renter is fully responsible for every other damage, that insurance contract might not cover.

E) Car replacements, because of an accident or mechanical failure will be done only at our central office within 48 hours, period 15/09 to 14/06 and within 72 hours for the period between 15/06 to 14/09.


The lessee shall pay to AUTO 365 I.K.E. after the termination of the contract, or whatever the manner of termination of tenancy, unless otherwise agreed in writing, the following amounts:

a) All the charges for time and kilometers, based on the prices that are listed in the first side of the present.

b) All the necessary charges for delivery and receipt that are dealing with the present agreement.

c) Any taxes, fees or another expenses that originated by the rent.

d) Any expenses of AUTO 365 I.K.E., including attorney’s fees and interest due on late payments, and generally any amount deriving from the present lease.

e) Any penalties or fines, judicatory and other expenses which imposed or will impose on AUTO 365 I.K.E. offenses against the lessee during the time that the car was rented to him, from any cause or reason.

f) Any amount needed to replace damaged tires, repair any mechanical damage and damage to the body (of the car).

g) Any discounts will be recalled if the settling is not done directly, or according to the specific agreement.

Terms of use

The lessee is required to make proper and appropriate use of the car, to check the mechanical condition (indicative of the level of oil and water, tires, etc.). Any repair of the car by himself or by another third party is expressly prohibited without the prior written permission of AUTO 365 I.K.E.

In particular, the car may not be used:

– To carry persons or goods for reward.
– To trail or pull vehicle or other objects.
– To participate generally in racing.
– For sublease to third parties.
– If the renter or the authorized driver or a third party is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogens, drags, barbiturates, or other substance that affects the ability to drive and make the driver unconscious.
– In contravention of any customs, administrative, police or other ordinances.
– By any third person not authorized by AUTO 365 I.K.E
– Abroad, without the prior written approval of AUTO 365 I.K.E.
– Expressly forbidden to drive or use the car by the lessee or by any authorized or unauthorized driver to carry or move heavy objects, flammable materials, filthy or smelly items, drugs, explosives, weapons in general, radiotoxic waste, etc.

Rental Extension

If the tenant wishes to extend the lease of the car, must notify AUTO 365 I.K.E. forty eight (48) hours before the expiration, in order to receive a written approval. If it fails to do so, the tenant is responsible under civil and criminal liability for illegal use and possession of the car. In case of extending the lease, the tenant is bound by specific terms and agreements of both the original contract and at renewal, whether it’s the same car or another was given to replace it.


AUTO 365 I.K.E.is fully responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the tenant or third, during the lease, where they are caused intentionally or gross negligence (by AUTO 365 I.K.E.). In all other cases AUTO 365 I.K.E. assumes no responsibility and no claim can be raised against it.


In case of accident or other incident (theft, fire) the renter shall immediately proceed to the following actions:

– Notify the Police
– Obtain names and addresses of witnesses and any relevant information from any third party.
– Do not recognize claims of third parties.
– To contact immediately by telephone or any other way with AUTO 365 I.K.E.
– To fill in and sign the accident report.
– To send any documents related to the accident or any other information to AUTO 365 I.K.E.


a) AUTO 365 I.K.E. provides insurance coverage against third parties only to those persons who use the car under license, life insurance contract whose terms were read after the lessee and received his acceptance.

b) The lessee, authorized drivers and other occupants of the car are not covered by safety board, unless the renter accepts personal accident insurance at the beginning of the lease, putting his or her signature in the box labelled “accept” on the front of this agreement where are recorded all the relevant terms, which the renter declares aknowledge and accepts.

c) Baggage and other items owned by the lessee, the authorized driver and other occupants of the car are not covered by insurance and AUTO 365 I.K.E. assumes no responsibility for any loss, damage, etc.

Personal Information

During the renting AUTO 365 I.K.E. has at its disposal the personal information of the lessee, which may be only used, in any case the tenant would break the terms of this Agreement.

Other Terms

a) The car belongs to the exclusive ownership, possession and occupation of AUTO 365 I.K.E. This is only a rental agreement. The tenant is not in any way and in no way representative of AUTO 365 I.K.E. The lessee acknowledges that he acquires no other rights except those that expressly referred to in this agreement.

b) During the lease all authorized drivers are jointly and severally liable with the tenant.

c) Similarly in the case of signing the lease by representative, he will be jointly and severally liable with the person that he represents.

d) This agreement supersedes any other agreement, written or oral, between AUTO 365 I.K.K and the lessee.


Responsible for resolving any dispute which may arise from the interpretation or application of this Agreement between AUTO 365 I.K.E. and the renter , now defined by the Courts of Thessaloniki