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Long-Term Relationship?


We are here for your long-term leases. Choose your vehicle and customize the monthly rent based on your requirements.
We got your back.. 24/7 Personalized Support

Why Choose Lease365

everything… except fuel
Select your car, customize the monthly rent, submit your documents, and you are ready.
Fixed monthly rent
Say goodbye to surprises and long-term contracts, and welcome to Auto365.
We are your co-driver throughout the contract, ready to serve you promptly and efficiently

Why should I choose Lease365

everything… except fuel
  • Insurance
  • Tire Change
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Replacement Vehicle
  • Registration Fees

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Citroen DS3 CROSSBACK 1.2 PureTech 100 S&S Be Chic
Citroen DS3 CROSSBACK 1.2 PureTech 130 S&S EAT8 So Chic
Mercedes-Benz B 180d 7G-DCT
Mercedes-Benz B 180 7G-DCT

How will I receive my car?

3 steps and you are ready
Step 1
Check the features of our cars and customize your monthly rent
Step 2
Fill in your details in the form
Step 3
Send us your request and documents, and get ready to collect your vehicle

General FAQs

Transparency is a core principle at Auto365, guiding our interactions with customers from start to end
How does the contract creation process work?
You choose your car and based on your requirements, you customize the monthly rent and the duration of the contract from our website. If you need more information, our sales team is always at your disposal.
What are the approval criteria for a long-term lease contract?
You must be over 21, have a valid driver's license, and pass our credit check.
Can I lease if I am an individual?
Certainly, as long as you meet the requirements. In addition, our team is available to explain the benefits of leasing compared to buying a car.
How are monthly rents determined?
Based on the market value of the vehicle, the duration of the contract, and the number of kilometers you want to cover during the contract.
What does mechanical work include?
All car services according to the manufacturer's instructions and all normal engine wear and tear.
What does insurance cover?
Each contract is covered by comprehensive insurance above the deductible amount, based on the provisions in all insurance contracts.
Are there restrictions on the number of kilometers during the contract??
Yes, based on the kilometers and the excess price per kilometer agreed upon in your contract.
Can I return my car early?
Yes, once half of the contract period has passed, and you continue the remaining period until the completion of the initial agreement year with another car.
If I terminate my contract early?
In this case, the early termination clauses we have agreed upon are activated.
What are my obligations regarding the condition of the car?
You must use the car according to the manufacturer's instructions, inform us immediately of any signs of malfunction, and, in case of an accident, notify us.
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